Friday, November 7, 2008

The Why and What of This Blog

Steve Yegge in You Should Write Blogs goes into detail as to why I (and perhaps you) should be blogging. I'm under no illusion that my blog will ever approach the substance, quality, and quantity of Yegge's. That's not my intent. My goals are to:
  • Document new things I have learned, information obtained, and experiences gained in my day to day work as a software developer.
  • Write short summaries (the main take away points) of articles I read.
  • Record anything that is interesting to me, and thus maybe interesting to someone else.
  • Force me to write to practice my writing skills.
  • Allow me to contribute something (hopefully useful) to the software development profession.
  • Give me a chance to rant every now and again, or share my opinion.
It is my hope that writing short blog entries will help me organize my thoughts, help me retain information, and act as a reference source for me (and may be others). The blog will generally be in the form of short notes and summaries, tidbits of software development knowledge if you will. I will not write many essays here. Although I may write off topic sometimes, nearly all blog posts will be related to some aspect of software development. At the present time, I expect the content to be dominated by the more technical aspects of the profession. And if I achieve none of my goals above, at least I have an OpenID account I can use on Stack Overflow