Friday, November 14, 2008

Sansa c240 Portable Detection in Winamp

I had the Sansa c240 MP3 player since last Christmas and always manually dragged and dropped music files onto the device using Windows File Explorer. This can be a painful process when you want to transfer a variety of songs and albums distributed throughout several directories. So I decided to try and manage the transfer of files using Winamp. No problem according to the documentation: plug the device in the USB port, Winamp detects it, and displays its contents in the Portables view. Needless to say, this did not happened. After much research and trail and error, the solution turned out to be rather simple: Plug the device in the USB port. Then, under Preferences -> Plug-ins -> Portables -> Nullsoft USB Device Plug-in -> Configure select the drive letter of the USB device. If necessary, select to unblock the device. I'm not sure why I needed to this, but I'm guessing sometime in the past I must have selected to block my device. Now if I can only get this silly error from occurring every time I insert the player in the USB port. At least everything seems to function correctly after pressing Continue to ignore the error.