Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Adding an index to your document in Latex

Source code required:

  • Include the package makeidx, e.g. \usepackage{makeidx}.
  • Call \makeindex in your preamble.
  • Add index to keywords where desired, e.g. \index{keyword}, \index{keyword!subkeyword},
  • \index{keyword!subkeyword!subsubkeyword}.
  • Call \printindex where your want the index to be generated (usually at the end of the document).


  • Run latex on your main latex file, e.g. latex main.tex. This will create a main.idx file.
  • Run makeindex on the index file, e.g. makeindex main.idx, to generate the index file main.ind.
  • Run latex again on your main file, e.g. latex main.tex.


  • Run texify on your main latex file (e.g. texify main.tex) to automatically do all the necessary steps outlined above (and more if necessary).





 This is some very important text about
 Latex \index{latex}. Here is some more.




  1. Leslie Lamport, MakeIndex: An Index Processor For Latex, 1987.